CYUC GT08 Drivers – Connect To Computer

CYUC GT08The price for a smartwatch now same as a traditional watch, today let’s see another cheap made in China product that is CYUC GT08 retail price only $15. The screen is high definition but not an IPS Panel, there is a micro sim card slot at the bottom as well as camera but very poor resolution VGA. If you look at the front, the design is similar to smartwatch made by Apple, the form is made from metal while the strap from a latex. If you already purchase this model and looking for a usb drivers to connect to pc, here you can download it for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. CYUC GT08 is using a Mediatek chipset, so you will need the correct drivers otherwise the pc will not able to recognize this model. CYUC does not provide a drivers for this model, what we have here is a compatible drivers, it is designed for other smartphone brand, since both of them use the same chipset model, it should detect and you will be able to hook CYUC GT08 to computer doesn’t matter what reason is.

Download CYUC GT08 USB Drivers

CYUC GT08 photo

We also publish a CYUC GT08 review and specification, you can check it out in case you need to clarify something.  So download link available below, please see the instruction how to get it. If you have any question or problem regarding this drivers I supply, please drop a comment and I will help you as soon as possible.

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